Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Dunia vs Akhirat

Last night ,when my friends and I were having our group discussion ,out of sudden ,I'm questioning my friend  ...

" Hemmm ,sampai bila kita nak kejar ilmu dunia haa ???"

" Laaa ,kan kena seimbang dunia dan akhirat ..."

"Tapi ,paham dak ...dunia nie sat ja .Akhirat yang kekal .Nie kita dok belajaq math sampai tension tension ,bukan boleh selamatkan kita dalam kuboq pun ..."

After a short arguing ,ops not arguing laaa ,it's just only our opinion salah no betul ...There's still no the solid answer .Ayah once asked me before I came to Sarawak ... " Nak masuk sekolah pondok dak ?Tak payah dok ligan sangat ilmu dunia nie ..." If wise person pause for 3 second before they answer someone ,but I gave ayah a longgggg pause .

If I can turn back the time just like Doraemon did ,I will say 
Yes ,I do ayah ...
I'm already in Sarawak .It's impossible to turn back the time .But ,I'm still yaqeen with Allah's promises .

Al-imran : 173 "حَسْبُنَا اللّهُ وَنِعْمَ الْوَكِيلُ" - "Allah is Sufficient for us, and Allah is the Best Disposer of affairs."

Yes ,Allah knows the best  .Who know ,maybe my zauj is here in UPMKB .Yeah ,who know ...  

Back to the topic ,as we know ...this world only a temporarily .Many of us know that this world is just a temporarily and akhirat is forever .BUT ,how many of us that really understand the value of the world from the sight of Allah ????

Between chasing after the world and chasing after the akhirat ,which is more easier but which is more people chased after for ?Which is easier between perform a solat subuh and solving a maths problem ??You have the answer right ...But ,it's still hard to some people to perform solat subuh .

I just want to say that ,please make it balance between the world and akhirat .Seek for the ilmu akhirat first ,then you decide whether you want to be an engineer or a doctor or a FORESTER ....

If you are chasing the world ,then you will get the world only .If you are chasing the akhirat ,then you will get the world and the akhirat ,insyaAllah .

To Allah I leave everything ,every single thing .Anything which is best for me to me ,anything which is best for me to Allah .O Allah ,I seek guidance and protection from You .You are indeed The Best of Planner ,The Best of Organizer .Help me to decide and choose anything which is best for me to me ,anything which is best for me to You...Allahumma ameen ...

Allahuakhbar ,I miss Mak Ayah so muchh :(


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