Sunday, 1 July 2012

Future Forester

Ya Allah ,it's a very long time not updating my blog .Yeah ,I'm quite busy .New student as a Diploma of Forestry UPMKB .Still can't adapt to new environment. Even now ,still very busy .With a Chemistry test on Monday .Guys ,it's Chemistry! Someone ask me to upload pictures in facebook .But ,I don't like too much to upload in facebook .So ,I decide to update my blog .In UPMKB ,every week there are program that are conducted .Dengan esok ada program "Starting school" .I don't know what kind of program is that .Next week ada MISI ,satu program anjuran Kelab Putra dan Biro Kerohanian .Islamic week lah lebih kurang .Yang tuu I like .Fuhh ,aktif betol lah UPM nieh .

My new life memang sangat awesome .Seriously sangat awesome ,alhamdulillah .My new life has been quite busy .Tapi ,rase lepas nie akan biasa dah .Course nie pun sangat awesome .Only 2 weeks we ,students forestry know each other ,but we are really close .Really busy until I can't type much .So ...

Yeah ,go forester !!

Serious ,gambar nie tak edit .

This is Rose ,maybe 

No matter what happen ,no matter where we are going salah first Alhamdulillah ,I got a new friends like that 



Peewit ,DPH student sambut raye bukan pada hari raya .

There's one more ...

So ,may we all succeed in the world and here after .



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