Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mind rant #1 : Masa silam

Andai masa itu bisa diputar kembali.
Pasti  aku akan membetulkan kesilapan aku.
Namun tidak mungkin masa bisa diputar.
Aku bukan Doraemon si kucing biru itu.

Hidup diburu dosa dosa silam amat menyeramkan.
Sering aku tertunduk memejam mata memikirkan kesakitannya.
Aku tahu rasanya bilamana bergelut dengan lumpur hitam.
Malah mengerti peritnya menanggalkan busuknya jahiliyyah.

Tapi, tanpa semua kesilapan yang lalu.
Tidak mungkin aku jadi seperti hari ini.
Masa yang berlalu buat aku mengerti.
Betapa indah dan manisnya susunan tuhan.

Tuhanku yang pengasih. Berikanlah daku beberapa harapan lagi. Untuk esok yang pasti tiba.
Tuhanku yang pengasih. Aku tetap memohon. Matahari masih bersinar esok dan esoknya.

Nur Jannah

terima kasih masa silam
*senyum pandang langit*

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Mutual love

"I had a guy that I LOVE. And, I want to show him how much I love him. Then, I read a bunch of magazines. I watched Korean drama. Sat down in front of the laptop and google. Just, to find the tips and tricks to tackle man. What I got about the tips and tricks was I should give some presents. Or cook their favourite dishes. Or, give them some lovey-dovey and sweets talk. To do this and that. I was so into all these things. I spent my time choosing gift for him and wrapped them carefully. I looked up for the recipes of his favourite dishes and spent a couple of hours to make them and etc."

"When I was a kid, I was so in LOVE with Conan the main character in Detective Conan. He is and was not handsome. But I thought he was quite charming and pretty smart. Plus, magnificent. With his spectacles. His outstanding hair. I had a bundle of the comics. And watch the cartoon a lot. Fanatic fan. When someone told me that Conan actually a big man whose ate a medicine that made him into a kid, I still love him. True love I guess. hehehehe"

"When I was in secondary school, I would LOVE to become a doctor. Really love. I want to help peoples in needs. I know that when I become a doctor, I will get a big salary. hehehe. I want my pocket full of money. I want to get a big car. Bungalow. Married to a handsome doctor. Get a beautiful children. Travel around the world. And, Norway was and is in my wishlist and a-must-visit country. Such an outstanding life I got."


Love means how you define it. 

It is probably impossible to find any human being who does not love. Most people love their families, spouse, friends, and etc. Others love status and money. You can tell a person's love for something and someone by what they do and how they act. 

And we love all of these things despite their TEMPORARY nature, despite the fact that they DISAPPOINT us sometimes. It is normal. And we all love for similar reasons-- We love people for the good side that we see in person or the way they treat us. We love things because of the ways those things make us feel.

Indeed. Indeed. Indeed. The true love that brings benefits to both is a love between Allah The Most Gracious with His servants. This love never disappoint us. This love will never let us down. This love will never bring harm to us.

How can we not love Allah? If we put together all the reasons why we love other people or things, then apply it to Allah. We should see that truly deserves the love is only Him. And because human being naturally love to love and love to be loved, only the love of Allah can satisfy our needs. 

Ibn Taymiyyah radi allah `anhu (may God be pleased with him) said: “The heart will not find complete happiness except by loving Allah and by striving towards what is dear to Him.”

When we love Allah, that love brings us closer to Allah and helps us build a strong relationship that can help us in this life and hereafter. Love of Allah requires us to love what He loves and to dislike what He dislikes. 

Hold on a second. I'm not saying that we can't love someone or something. It is part of human being. But, you need to love Allah the Creator of Love more than anything else. We should not love them more than we love Allah.

“And [yet], among the people are those who take other than Allah as equals [to Him]. They love them as they [should] love Allah. But those who believe are stronger in love for Allah ...” [2:165]

We can love families.
We can love friends.
We can love job.
We can love house.
We can love every single thing in this world.
But we can't love them more than we love Allah.
That's it.

You have to love Allah first in order to get love of Allah.

Love Allah by doing what a muslim should do-- 
Recite quran with the meaning. So that you can understand every single words Allah said.
Always remember Allah. So that He remember you more and more.
Choose what Allah prefers over what you prefer.

So that. You can have mutual love!

Yours truly,
Nur Jannah.