Sunday, 23 December 2012


Omaigad, McD dah bukak lah kat Bintulu. Sedapnya dapat makan 'Big Mac' ke 'Prosperity' ke... Omaigad, kena call teksi nie. Dah lame dah tak mkn McD nie sejak sejak dok Bintulu nie. Boleh lah aku gie hari hari lepas nie.

Me: Akak, jom kite gi makan McD?
Akak: Eh, Jannah tak tau ke apa yang terjadi kat Palestin sekarang?
Me: Tau je kak. Palestin kena serang lagi dengan Israel laknatullah kan?
Akak: A'ah... Jadi, apa pendapat kamu?
Me: Ish, tak patot betol la. Israel nie memang tak ada perasaan langsung! Tak layak panggil manusia. Sedih tengok Palestinian jadi macam tu. Sampai hati Israel buat macam tu. *dengan nada kesal berbaur sedih*
Akak: Habes tu yang kamu nak makan kat McD tu kenapa??
Me: Favourite saya tu kak...
Akak: Kamu tak kesian dekat rakyat Palestin?
Me: Kesian lah kak. Kesian sangatttt :"(
Akak: Then??
Me: *&^%$£*&

That conversation remind me one of the verse in Quran... Surah al-Mulk ends with a question. The simple question of course we have the answers, but still asked us to think, because we often forget to think.

'What do you think if the water you lost (in the underground earth), then who (besides Allah), which would bring you flowing water?'          
[al-Mulk: 30]

The talk between me and Akak make me think a lot. What should I do? How can I help them? McD is one of my favourite fast food. I do eat McD a lot before. 

Perlu ke nak boikot McD?

Actually, food boycott-ing is not that hard. If I want to boycott kedai Nasi Kandaq Pelita, I still can get it from other places. And, If I want to boycott all kedai Nasi Kandaq, I still can get it by make it on my own. Same goes to McD boycott-ing. It is not that hard to boycott as in Malaysia to eat burger, drink Coca-cola or eating fries is very very very easy. Barang nak masak tu banyak je pun kat supermarket. So, as a McD addict like me, it is not a problem anymore. You can party-ing eat that fatty, greasy, and unhealthy fast food easily without purchase or support any of McD products. So, the conclusion is tadela payah mana pun nak boikot McD nie...

Adakah ia menjejaskan Palestin kalau saya tak boikot McD?

Ehem... Tell you what. Even boycott-ing not give a very prompt and big impact to Palestine, but it still give an impact. It really does...

And Luqman said, "O my son, indeed if wrong should be the weight of a mustard seed and should be within a rock or [anywhere] in the heavens or in the earth, Allah will bring it forth. Indeed, Allah is Subtle and Acquainted. 
[Luqman: 16]

Ya, that is what I'm trying to tell you... Ayat nie kata, sesuatu perbuatan seberat biji sawi yang berada dalam batu atau di langit atau di bumi necsaya Allah akan memberi balasan.*rujuk surah Luqman verse 16*

Allah Maha halus, Maha teliti. Ilmu Allah itu meliputi segala sesuatu bagaimana kecilpun. Remember my dear, sekecil mana pun kebaikan yang kita buat, atau sekecil mana pun kejahatan yang kita buat, IT IS COUNTED

Maybe this such boycott-ing idea not really help them in short-term, but it is really help them. Nanti Allah tanya apa yang kita dah buat untuk tolong saudara kita, ada lah jugak jawapan kita nak bagi. Not only McD we need to boycott, Nestle, Coca-cola, and so many other things. But, kita boikot apa yang kita mampu dan barang yang tiada pengganti jelaa. Macam McD tu tak makan pun tape kannn. No hal laa...

Just do anything that can help Palestinian atau saudara saudara seIslam kita walau kat mana pun mereka berada, Syria Burma. Doa banyak banyak. Boikot mana yang termampu. Facebook tanak boikot kee. Bukan Mark Zuckerberg tu Israel?? krikkrikkkrikk. Aha, facebook also one of the media which is can give us the latest news about anything happen or the way of da'wah. Tapi, macam mana pulakk yang upload gambar duck face tu?? krikkrikkrik. Ehem, tepuk dada tanya iman.  

O Allah, we ask Your help against the aggressive Zionists who have committed crimes (against the oppressed), who have violated the sanctities, and killed, and dispersed the oppressed in Palestine. 

Nur Jannah

Tak makan McD pun no hal laa. Kate nak kurus...  kiki


Friday, 21 December 2012

Allah, I know You are listening.

I don't know who actually I can talk to. Express my feeling to...
I feel like wearing a  mask of a happy care-free face whilst having such a crying, shivering heart inside :"(

I'm not feeling so well for this 2 weeks. I cried and cried the whole night. Cried in having this pain. Praying and desperately bursting everything to Allah. Thanks God for giving me these remembrance pain. I slept with swollen eyes and breaking heart.

I was upset. Very.
So many reasons for me to cry to.
For not knowing and experiencing as much.
Realizing that they will graduating and leaving me soon.
My kakak usrah. They will leaving me soon. Allah gave me this opportunity to know them. Such a great experience to know them. It is a very short time for me to know them. I realized, this is the time for me to upgrade myself. They are one of the most heart-soothing gifts from Allah to me.

I feel lonely though I'm there in the crowd. I miss mak ayah so much. Serious, I feel so lonely.
Astagfirullahalazim, sometimes I don't think my choice to study in here is right. Far from mak ayah really make this so-called tissue like heart hurt. It hurt my heart so much. Yes, It does. Lately, I had many conversation with mak ayah so much regarding to my pain.

Me: Ayah, sakit sangat. Nak balik.
Ayah: Cuti berapa lama? Tiket murah ka?
Me: Cuti 2 minggu. 
Ayah: Sabar dan tenang. Ayah, kalau ada duit ayah beli tiket ayah pi sana tengok.
Me: :"(

How much and how far do I actually able to define that the targets in my life are reached? It's all in the hand of Allah.. That's the reason for those tests from Allah. Teaching me and making be stronger, helping to erase if not much then a little sins I've done, In shaa Allah...

Victory in life is not only about our joyous cheers in academic. It is, howbeit as part of the many other pieces in the jigsaw of life we have in proceeding to the real life ahead: hereafter, akhirah. We have other roles in this life too...

Allah knows better what we deserve to get at certain time and condition. Things are written there, safely kept by Him..

Forgive me O Allah, for able not to all- the- time put my 100% faith in You..
Forgive me O Allah, for able not to all- the time being an obedient slave for You..
Forgive me O Allah, for able not to all- the- time try my best to reach for Your love.. 
Forgive me O Rasulullah, for able not to all- the- time prove that I'm one of your Ummah who deserve your love and syafaat...

Nur Jannah

After almost a month live without my spectacles and not seeing many things clearly, I already got mine.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Ikhlas, it will come later.

I cried in having the feeling of missing my home so much. Cried in realizing that all this while, more often than not, I knew a single lady and a man that can pay a full attention and concern upon the way I dressed. The way I talk. The way I lived as Muslim. Lately, I feel so lonely though I lived in crowd. Busy with class. Still going to the forest even didn't have amali. 

It's not that my friends are treating me bad. They had been nice. They truly are... Nonetheless, at times I desperately need a company who understand what a girl, a student, a daughter, a friend actually feels. A girl who try her best to perform herself as a caliph and abid. A girl who bear all these at the same time in an age considerably very young.

I've tried and trying my best for things to be decided as much as what I've seek the guidance from Allah for. Why would there be times when I can be so firm and sure about it and there would be times I hardly accept things happening in between or after? Why at times I can feel my heart and soul as bold as a steel and at times it turns into a fragile jelly?

Alhamdulillah Ya Allah

At first, I'm not ikhlas doing that. I'm not ikhlas wearing a loose shirt and pants or baju yang gedabak besar. I'm not ikhlas wearing such a hot and troublesome tudung labuh. I'm forcing myself to do all those things. 

Some people might say. if you are doing something without ikhlas, then you are and get nothing. You just waste your time. Waste your energy.

"Bertudung nie perlukan keikhlasan."

"Saya mahu berubah kerana saya sendiri yang ingin berubah. Saya mahu melakukannya dengan ikhlas, bukan disuruh."

"Buat apa pakai tudung kalau hati tak betul."

Remember dear, wahai puteri agama... Allah has ordered all Muslim women must cover themselves either sincere or insincere, like it or not, someone else asked or arising from her own heart. Same as prayer, zakat, fasting, and all instructions or prohibition in Islam. But if she stubborn and does not cover herself, for reasons NOT SINCERE, DO NOT WANT TO HYPOCRISY and so, her actions in the sight of Allah makes SINNED physically and spiritually, or in other words, she sinned TWICE. 

Alhamdulillah, now I know what and how does 'tutup aurat' really mean. It's not only about wearing a tudung.

It's not a matter of ikhlas or not. It's matter of KEWAJIBAN. Believe me, ikhlas will come later. Put Allah in the very first place. Everything has their own reasons. Same goes to this. Why Allah ask us to really cover our aurah?? Yes, it really has its own reasons. Allah ask us because He know we able to do so... 

Forgive me O Allah, for able not to all- the- time put my 100% faith in You..

Forgive me O Allah, for able not to all- the time being an obedient slave for You..
Forgive me O Allah, for able not to all- the- time try my best to reach for Your love.. 
Forgive me O Rasulullah, for able not to all- the- time prove that I'm one of your Ummah who deserve your love and syafaat..

Nur Jannah Kaspuni

Lucky. Lucky. Lucky
Perhaps dapat tolong cover balik zaman zaman dulu punya kekurangan.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

♥ This is my journey and He puts me here ♥

Manusia merancang dengan CITA CITA
Allah merancang dengan CINTA

When I was young, very small at that time I wish I could be a doctor. So that I can help a lot of people. Yeah, I really wish I could be a doctor.  I promises myself to struggle. I make a very very solid plan. This is my goal. I must achieved it. I planned  to get 5As in UPSR so that I can further my studies to MRSM or SBPI or other high performing school like Sekolah Tun Fatimah. or SMS Seri Puteri.

But, my life didn't goes well as my planned. I dont go to any boarding school. I just stay with my parent. *fighting almost everyday with my sisters and brothers* Its not because my UPSR is bad, but it just because... I just wanna be here, at home. I WAS kind of person that dont like to wake up early and rushing to the toilet and stuff...

So then, when I was in form 3 I changed my ambition. I think I want to be an engineer. Ouch, that sounds good uh?? I applied for a sekolah teknik. First, I didn't get it. Kecewa tak payah cakap lah nokkk... I tried again for all school that I've ever dreamed before. I thought I wouldn't get it, because I applied kinda late. Tup tup, sampai letter kat rumah and walaawehh... I've been accepted to SMS Puteri!!!!!!!!!!

I wish.

I was accepted to SMT Melaka for Mechanical Engineering. Alhamdulillah. It is among the best technique school. At first my planned goes well. Very well. BUT, I ended up with leaving that school after 2 weeks. *mau tak mengamuk mak ayah. They spend a lot of money* Err, that school was so tragic. The procedure. Argh, it took a very long time bcoz sekolah biasa dengan sekolah teknik berbeza jabatan. So, I need to go to jabatan pelajaran negeri and what so ever. nyusahkan mak ayah. sigh. I'm not going to school almost a month because of the procedure.

Hey sekolah lamaaa. Jannah datang balik nie woiiii.

So, the goal is set. Though my school is not a cluster or excellent school, I think I can successful as well. 

The time has come. SPM results are released. Alhamdulillah I got what I want. Not too bad. but, I dont think I can be an engineer either a doctor. 

When I filled the UPU form, I still put engineering as my first choice even I know I dont worth it. I wish there will be a magic. Yeah, I wish. But, my last choice was selected. Diploma in Planting Industry Management UiTM N9. Errr, toink toink =.="

Once again, nyusahkan mak ayah. Aishhh, really a troublesome daughter la. Im leaving UiTM after a semester. Why Jannah? Why are you being like this? Erm, sigh.

I REfilled UPU form. And, this is where a magic happen. I choose Diploma Perhutanan UPM even not as my first choice. Nunnn jauh di Sarawak. Why Jannah? Nak nyusahkan mak ayah lagi ke kalau balik nanti? Hemmm, sigh.

At the same time, I got an offer letter to further my studies in Lincoln University in Foundation in Science leading to Doctor of Medicine with scholarship. Allahuakhbar. But, my parent didn't allow it. I don't know why. So, I dont have any chance anymore to become a doctor either an engineer. 

I woke up early that day. My heart beat fast. UPU result released. And... I got forestry!! weeee. Argh, hati dah berbelah bagi. Nak gie ke tanak. Oke, comes. Lets istikharah.

7 June 2012, I fly to Sarawak. New experience. New place. New friends. New mission. and new... interest. I fall in love. Eh, dengan forestry la. Tiba tiba ada satu semangat. Semangat untuk aku bangkit. Bangkit untuk terus berjuang. Berjuang untuk tegakkan agama, bangsa dan negara!! Walaawehh, macam main pisang goreng pulak versi A. Samad Said. 

I used to dream about going to further my studies overseas. I'm kind of jealous with my friends that further their studies overseas. Playing with snow. Jaket bulu bulu. Not going back for raya. I want to have that feelings. They got a chance to have that feelings. They got a chance to gain new experience.

But now, not any more. 

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah and alhamdulillah.

Im very happy for what I am right now. I can play with snow as well. Malaysia have I-city. I can wear jaket bulu bulu as well. UPMKB yang indah permai tu ada dewan yang super duper sejuk. Sampai nak jawab exam pun susah. Not going back for raya?? Hemm, lemme think twice... hahaha. i told you. its not a good idea to celebrate raya without family.

Neway, I still hope that I can further my studies overseas. Maybe Aussie or NZ. Amin cepatt. Aminnnn ♥

When we are prepared enough on something, but at last it is not going as we planned. Kita frust menonggeng  kan? Jangan pernah kecewa dengan rahmat Allah. Kadang kadang apa yang telah diberi oleh Allah lebih banyak daripada apa yang kita pinta. Manusia merancang dengan cita cita. Allah merancang dengan cinta. Put your trust in Allah.

Nur Jannah

*Jannah nak jadi Pegawai Hidupan Liar. Amin cepattt :)*

Sunday, 21 October 2012

l Wanita Solehah:even Bidadari Syurga jealous with you l

"Eee, susahnya jadi perempuan nie. Tutup sana tutup sini. Dah lah neraka pun dimonopoli oleh kaum perempuan. Cakap pun kena jaga jaga."


Rasulullah SAW bersabda, "Harta yang paling berharga didunia ialah wanita solehah."

Wanita hiasan dunia, seindah hiasan adalah wanita solehah

True, but woman are indeed more precious than any ornament or any any decorations on this earth. We, women have very splendidly extraordinary position in islam. Allah makes us soo special.

Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahuakhbar

Kemuliaan dan keruntuhan sesebuah bangsa terletak di tangan wanita. Even we, women are shrouded with weakness, but our screams were able to change EVERYTHING.Every single things. Just look at how your mom scream when she ask you to do something. In other word, membebel. My mom as well love to membebel. Our mom bebel because they love.

"Membebel itu hiburan bagi wanita." - Ustaz Kazim Elias -

Thats why we as a daughter should be a anak solehah. Meanwhile as a wife, we must be a isteri solehah. Pandai masak walau tak sehebat masterchef, kemas rumah, solat 5 waktu, taat suami, puasa di bulan ramadhan. As a ummi, we must educate our children with love and affection. 

Wahai puteri agama sekalian, did you know that Allah was and always showered a mountain of gift to us??

"Seorang wanita solehah lebih baik daripada 70 orang wali." 

"Seorang wanita solehah lebih baik daripada seorang lelaki soleh."

"Apabila seorang perempuan melahirkan anak, keluarlah dia dari dosa dosa seperti keadaan ibunya melahirkannya."

"Tiap perempuan yang menolong suaminya dalam bab agama, maka Allah swt memasukkan dia terlebih dahulu ke dalam syurga daripada suaminya(10,000 tahun)."

"Doa wanita lebih makbul daripada lelaki kerana sifat penyayang yang lebih kuat daripada lelaki. ketika ditanya kepada Rasulullah SAW akan hal tersebut, jawab Baginda, 'Ya, ibu lebih penyayang daripada seorang ayah. Doa orang penyayang tidak akan sia sia.'"

"Apabila semalaman seorang ibu tidak tidur dan memelihara anaknya yang sakit, maka Allah memberinya pahala seperti memerdekakan 70 orang hamba dengan ikhlas untuk membela agama Allah swt."

"Maka nikmat Tuhanmu yang manakah yang kamu dustakan?" Quran:Ar-Rahman:67

There are more and more mountain of gifts Allah showered us with... Proof of Allah's generosity and love.

In Islam, women are highly respected. How closed relationship between day and night, as well as men and women are created to complement each other. Each women and men have their own responsibility and duties according to fitrah and ability. But the goal is same. To get and achieve Allah's redha. 

I remembered what my kakak usrah said to me. Bidadari dekat syurga mencemburui wanita solehah di dunia. Sebab, kita solehah sebab kita ikut perintah Allah. Kita solehah sebab kita tinggal laranganNya. 

Diriku tidaklah semulia Khadijah.
Diriku tidaklah sehebat Aisyah.
Diriku juga bukan sekuat Asiah. 
Diriku bukan setabah Fatimah. 
Aku hanya wanita akhir zaman yang berusaha menjadi wanita solehah.

Ye, wanita akhir zaman. AKHIR ZAMAN. Ayuh bangkitlah wahai puteri agama. Bangkitlah dari lenamu yang panjang dan tidak berkesudahan. Sekali kamu terjatuh, jangan biarkan dirimu jatuh buat selamanya. 

Indeed, one of the luckiest thing ever in my life is to be blessedly created as a woman. Alhamdulillah :)

Its pretty much embarrassing to realize how more often than not, I've let myself being deceived by all this great love. To get attached too much love to love of human, too exaggeratedly having a flowery lovey dovey feelings over what human provided whilst Allah non stop pouring His sweet and tender greatest love in every stage of woman life and even already prepare a gift for us await there in hereafter.

"Perempuan apabila solat 5 waktu, puasa di bulan Ramadhan, taat pada suaminya dan menjaga kemaluannya atau kehormatannya, maka masuklah dia dari mana mana pintu syurga yang dia sukai." 

O Allah,
For the love of Yours I desperately want...
And for the love of mine, I devotedly dedicated as whole to You...
One with the best, the sweetest romance ever...
The Almighty of everything... 

Thanks Allah for everything that You gave me.

Nur Jannah

Friday, 19 October 2012

Sebab lelaki gemar melihat perempuan...

Malam pasangannya siang
Jaga pasangannya tidur
Malas pasangannya rajin
Dan lelaki pasangannya ... perempuan

Kerana perempuan adalah pasangan kepada lelaki, jadi Allah dah menciptakan bentuk badan perempuan nie  dapat memikat hati lelaki. Yeah, I know not all women got a slim body. But, woman is still a woman. They got something that will look so attractive. Bila bercakap tentang pikat, memikat, terpikat, dipikat atau yang sewaktu dengannya, maka ia ada hubung kait dengan nafsu. Jika ia ada hubung kait dengan nafsu, ianya ada hubungan pula dengan bisikan syaitan. So, to control your desire or your nafsu, mestilah dicontrol dengan iman. Untuk mendapatkan iman mestilah menurut perintah Allah dan RasulNya dan menjauhi laranganNya.

In men's eye, women are symbols. Symbol? What symbol, uh? Everyone know... Men got a very very naughty imagination, IF NOT CONTROL WITH IMAN.  Mata lelaki nie, selalu menjalar bila ternampak perempuan. Setiap bentuk badan seorang perempuan, boleh dihayati oleh seorang lelaki dengan pellllllllbagai tafsiran nakal nafsu. When a man see a woman, the very first thing that he will see is her hair. So, akan ditafsir lah pelbagai cara oleh lelaki itu. Imma rite, guys???? Sebab tu lah, wanita wajib menutup rambutnya.

"Wahai anakku Fatimah! Adapun perempuan-perempuan yang akan digantung rambutnya hingga mendidih otaknya dalam neraka adalah mereka itu di dunia tidak mahu menutup rambutnya daripada dilihat oleh lelaki yang bukan mahramnya." HR Bukhari dan Muslim. 

Apabila rambut itu telah ditutup, mata lelaki itu akan turun kebawah melihat bentuk leher. Maka wajiblah perempuan itu menutup lehernya. No need lah nak tunjuk leher panjang macam zirafah or leher pendek macam... Maka mata lelaki itu akan turun melihat bentuk payudaranya. Maka perempuan itu WAJIBlah ke atasnya menutup bentuk payudaranya dengan melabuhkan tudungnya.

"Hendaklah mereka(perempuan) melabuhkan kain tudung hingga menutupi dadanya." An-Nur:31

Setelah itu, mata lelaki akan turun lagi melihat bentuk ramping pinggangnya. Ye ye, tak semua ramping. Ada jugak yang berlapis lapis macam kek lapis sarawak. Tapi, yang macam kek lapis sarawak tu pun perempuan jugak. Kannnn? Maka labuhkan pakaian supaya tidak ternampak bentuk pinggang. That naughty eye turun melihat bentuk punggung. Maka, wajiblah perempuan labuhkan pakaian supaya bentuk punggung tidak kelihatan. Dan, lelaki itu akan pula melihat bentuk pehanya. Maka, jangan sesekali perempuan itu pakai seluar yang ketat ketat sehingga nampak bentuk peha walau SEDIKITPUN.

My dear muslimah, mata lelaki nie gatal. Bila dia dah tak nampak bentuk kaki, dia tengok pulak kaki kita. Ish ish kesian bebeno lah dengan kaum lelaki nie. Moh lee kite tolong deme semua ni yob. Moh kita tutup kaki kita dengan melabuhkan kain atau pakai stoking. Bile kita dah tutup dari atas sampai lah ke bawah, mata lelaki nie dia naik ke atas balik. Dia tengok pulak bentuk tangan kita nie. Maka, tolong lah wahai muslimah sayang teman semua, moh le kita labuhkan tudung kita semua bior lepas bahu. At least dapat le tutup KETIBAS tu. Benda pulok ketibasnye... Ketibas tu stand for KETIak BASah. hehehe

Jika semua aurat kita dah ditutup, janganlah pulak deme anggap tugas deme dah selesai. Perlulah pulak teman, kome, deme semua jaga kehormatan diri masing masing. Jangan keluar sorang sorang, keluarlah dengan mahram atau sekurang kurangnya keluarlah dengan 3 orang wanita agar tidak diganggu oleh anasir anasir yang tidak bertauliah. Kalau muslimah tutup aurat dengan sempurna, insyaAllah selamat dunia akhirat.

Jangan salahkan lelaki mata keranjang.
Kalau perempuan berpakaian tetapi telanjang.
hehehe, moh lah kita semua tolong satu sama lain. Yang perempuannya, tutup aurat dengan sempurna. Lelaki pula, jaga pandangan. LOWER YOUR GAZE.

Ingatlah wahai muslimin muslimat, sekilau kilau berlian paling menarik untuk dicuri. Seindah indah ciptaan adalah yang paling sukar untuk dijaga. Be a good muslimah. Lets together head towards Jannah. Moh kita buru redha Allah. insyaAllah 

*sejak bile koi pandai cakap perok nie. Koi orang pahang laa*

Nur Jannah