Saturday, 9 November 2013

True or Fake?

Being born in a Muslim family and spending most time in this heavily-Muslim-populated country (not so-called Muslim country, eh) undeniably, we can say that actually we are not fully understand the faith that we said we believed in. We basically do what our parents and our teachers and the society told us to do. And, we would avoid doing whatever, that are out of the norm. We all grew up accepting the facts that we have to pray 5 times daily, we have to fast during ramadhan, we have to wear hijab for muslimat, we have to make good deeds, we not permit to eat pigs, we can't drink alcohol, we can't touch those dogs, we can't do this, we can't do that, bleh, bleh-bleh. Ya, we all grew up accepting what are do's and don’ts. Just accept. 

But, do we understand why?

This is a very sad reality and facts. We don't even understand or know the reason behind our ibadah, our acts of faith. Why are you praying? What do you say in your prayers? Why do we need to fast during ramadhan? Why we need to cover the aurah? Why we have to do good deeds? Why we can't drink alcohol? Why we not permit to eat pigs? They (non-Muslim) said, the pigs-- are freaking damn delicious and yummeh. And, the list goes on. I can simply said, that we not understand at all. The questions look simple-- asking things what we do on daily basis. Why, why, and why. But, we cannot really explain. Isn't it weird?

We don't even know why we are doing these. We not even know why we don't do that. 

If we are really the real muslim, why we can't answer? Because, we are so used to follow what society does, to do things rather blindly. That we don't even have time to dwell a little bit deeper into our ad-Deen. One might say that Allah knows better than we are. We just have to do. Ya, I'm so agree with that? But, the crucial point is--

Are we the real muslim?

We said we are muslim, but are we praying 5 times daily, on time?

We said we are muslim, but are we really doing da'wah?

We said we are muslim, but how much we use quran as our manual?

We said we are muslim, but how many times we follow sunnah?

We said we are muslim, but are we really wearing the proper hijab instead of those glamorous turban style?

We said we are muslim, but do we really mind what come out from our mouth?

We said we are muslim, but do we raise our hands and make some du'a for our brothers and sisters-- Palestine, Syrian, Egyptian, and all over the world?

Come on peeps. If you say that you are Muslim, prove it. Show it. Act likes one. Perform solah on-time. Wear proper hijab. Mind your words. Make du’a for everyone. Left all the bad things. Start doing something. For ummah or family or just for yourself. Don't just become Muslim and proud with your identity card that was written Islam as your religion. Islam is not only religion. Islam is the way of life.

Islam as a tradition?
Islam as a family?
Islam as seek?

I think none of us exempted from doing mistakes. It would definitely and absolutely be better if we actually go a bit further and a little bit deeper with what and why we are doing them. Because then we had be able to find all the more beautiful reasons behind our acts of faith, and in shaa Allah it will make us more istiqamah in what we are doing. And, isn't it one of many path to Jannah? huh.

sami'na wa ato'na,
Nur Jannah.